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Handy Hints: How to maintain Paving

All driveway paving needs a bit of tender loving care now and again, whatever the material used.  Whether your driveway is constructed of stone paving, bricks, blocks, concrete or something completely different, it makes economic and social sense to do a bit of maintenance now and again!

Keeping your driveway clean and tidy will not only prevent a build-up of moss and algae, you’ll also find you’re much more inclined to use it on a regular basis when it looks good!

The Basics

The good news is that simply hosing the driveway down with water, and sweeping it regularly with a stiff brush, is often all that is needed.

If you keep on top of this, and don’t let the condition of your driveway deteriorate, you make life much simpler for yourself!

Jet/Pressure Washing

Jet or pressure washing the driveway is a dangerous, but effective way to spruce up the driveway, normally in the spring after a cold, soggy winter.  Think of it as a spring clean for the driveway, getting it ready for the summer weather.

Be careful with concrete paving, as excess or overly strong jet washing can damage the paving slabs.  In extreme cases, the aggregate will be exposed.

With block paving, jet washing will wash out a lot of the dried sand/cement in the joints, so re-sanding will be required.  In any event, the joints of block paved driveways will need some re-sanding regularly to prevent the blocks themselves being eroded by rain, snow, frost etc.


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